Walter’s Takes Their Hot Dogs On The Road

Walter's Hot Dogs Wrap

Walter’s Hot Dogs Expands To A Food Truck

Last month Vending Trucks, Inc. delivered a brand new food truck to Walter’s Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck, New York. I was able to arrange a phone interview with their director of business development, Gene, to learn all about Walter’s storied history last week, and now I have the opportunity to share their story with you!

Walter’s has been serving hot dogs for a long time. Like, a really long time – we’re looking at almost 100 years here. How many businesses can say they’ve been around for a century? They’re a 4th generation family business today, and with their positive attitude and dedication to quality they’ll be around for many more!

Walter's Hot Dogs Fixin's WrapWalter Warrington began serving hot dogs in 1919 when he developed his signature blend of three meats (beef, pork, and veal for those interested) and perfected his cooking process. What makes Walter’s hot dogs unique is that they split their dogs down the middle and grill them in a secret sauce that crowds just can’t get enough of. Top it off with their famous mustard & relish blend and you’re in for a real treat.

Perhaps you’ve heard of their famous copper roofed Chinese pagoda – the restaurant is a landmark that people come from all over to visit, not to mention all the snacking that they do there.
They’ve been mentioned in several food related publications over the years, such as Gourmet where they voted Walter’s the #1 hot dog in the country in 2001, or in October of 2014 when the Travel Channel spent a day filming their location for their show Food Paradise (be on the lookout for the episode this summer).

While it’s great to have media outlets focus on you, the praise from their customers means everything to the folks at Walter’s.

Loyal patrons have sent them post cards from all across the globe over their 96 year history.

This isn’t the first food truck Walter’s has had, either. Back in the 1970’s they were operating a truck at Harbor Island in Mamaroneck for a decade – but this time they’re planning to send their truck all over the tri-state area and beyond! Walter’s Hot Dogs wanted a truck that looked just like their restaurant, so they contacted us at Vending Trucks, Inc. to get the design perfect. I’d say it turned out wonderfully!

Because of their booming popularity, customers have been asking Walter’s when they plan on expanding to other states, so they can enjoy their delicious dogs when they’re away from Mamaroneck. This food truck will give them the opportunity to grow their business and see what happens. They’re literally putting Walter’s on wheels to bring their unique experience to customers all over. This will allow them to continue serving their five generations of satisfied customers, as well as giving new folks a chance to try out Walter’s and be a part of the experience.

Being mobile gives Walter’s the ability to bring the party to you.

And I quote Gene directly here, “We’re available to split, grill, toast, and slather hot dogs for any occasion…wherever hot dogs are needed, we’ll be there. Our loyal customers have been a part of our Walter’s family tradition that began and has been passed on at our roadside stand from generation to generation.”

Their mobile menu is very similar to the restaurant, offering their world famous hot dogs in three sizes: single, double (2 dogs, 1 bun), and puppy (mini dog, mini bun). They also have many varieties of fries, including regular fries, seasoned curly fries, sweet potato waffle fries, and potato puffs (mashed potato with a crispy shell).

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth they’ve got options. Between their homemade ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, coffee, or oreo), freshly baked cookies, or Italian ices (lemon, lime, watermelon, mixed berry, raspberry, or orange) you’re covered. Please note that the truck will only carry 2-3 flavors of frozen treats at a time – be sure to check them out every week to see what new flavors they’ve got!Driver Side Wrap Graphics

They will also have bags of chips and assorted beverages stocked on the truck. They’re also thinking of having a special item you can only find on the truck, so keep your eyes peeled.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “I love Walter’s hot dogs, how can I get them to show up to my private event?” The solution is simple, sir or ma’am. Visit Walter’s Food Truck Page to find their phone number and e-mail. After that it’s as simple as contacting them and finding out when they’re available! The truck will be available for a wide range of activities, such as private parties, events, or corporate catering.

They’ll be found at weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, graduation parties, hospitals, and schools.

They’re already booked for many events up to the fall, and you can find them at the Westchester Wine & Food Festival’s Burger & Beer Blast on June 4th, Nyack College’s Homecoming in September, and the International Beer Festival at Harbor Island in October. Contact them today to add your event to their schedule!