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Casper was always different. The kids used to make fun of him for his size. He couldn’t help that he was so spacious! Determined to not let them put him down, he applied himself to his studied.

He attended truck college, where he learned how to drive in straight lines and how to use his turn signals.

He quickly rose to the top of his class by mastering tricky maneuvers like parallel parking. This enabled him to get a job in the big city delivering packages to equally big apartment complexes.

He yearned for more, so he took night classes after his deliveries were through.

Night classes on what though, may surprise you!

Casper was always happiest when he was transporting food – he couldn’t get enough of the smells. It was so different to the pavement and garages he was used to.

So he signed up for Food Truck U, where he hoped to once again climb to the top of the class and become a bonafide food truck.

With plenty of space in his rear compartment he’ll be able to fit every appliance you’ll need to cook up tremendous feasts.

Don’t let his age fool you, 2006 was a good vintage for Freightliner MWV Step Vans.


  • 2006 Freightliner MWV Step Van

Features & Highlights

  • Dedication To Your Business
  • Spunk

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