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Vehicle Number162

Carl was once your average Sprinter vehicle. He was built in 2008 and he had a great time carrying people and tools all around.

One day things changed.

On a routine delivery to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a group of Civil War ghosts hijacked him and kicked the driver out. Well, scared him out would be a more appropriate description of the events.

They told Carl to drive to Mexico, they were tired of the cold and depressing weather on the battlefield and wanted to see some beaches. Ideally beaches as far away from Gettysburg as possible.

They had many adventures on the way down, mostly involving scaring folk and laughing about it as they drove off. Ghosts are funny like that.

Once they stopped at a food truck park and haunted it for a few days, and Carl found his calling.

He vowed that once he dropped the band of ghosts off in Cancun he would become a food truck and make people happy – not scared!

Well – that time is now. He’s made it back from Mexico with a fierce tan and sans ghosts. He’s ready to become the food truck of your dreams.

Just contact us and let us know what equipment you need installed inside of him!


  • Mileage: 106,000
  • 2008 Sprinter Mileage: 106,000

Features & Highlights

  • Civil War Ghosts
  • Just Kidding They Left

FOR MORE INFORMATION 1-844-on-wheels (844-669-4335)

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