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Vehicle Number161

Quincy was just a mild mannered scientist before the event.

He doesn’t like to talk about it, mainly because he no longer has a mouth and communicates exclusively through the radio. He usually tunes it to NPR and flashes his headlights suggestively.

Truth be told, he couldn’t be happier as a step van. Back when he was a research assistant in a major unnamed automotive firm he got no respect. Not even his dog gave him any regard. She just ate his shoes and used his bed as her personal bathroom more often than not. This was what Quincy had to look forward to.

But, on that fateful August afternoon, when mixing highly volatile chemicals inside of a particle reactor built inside of an old 2004 Freightliner MT45 Step Van, (budget cuts, ya dig?), he somehow fused with the truck.

At first he was angry – his humanity torn away!

Upon further thought, he didn’t have much of it to lose.

Then he was sad – who will feed his dog, Daisy?

After chewing it over a moment, he shrugged – which as a truck meant adjusted his mirrors. She was a scrappy dog, she’ll figure it out.

Finally he was excited. He’d always eaten lunch from the food trucks around town and now he could become the one bright spot in his day.

So, he drove to our lot. He asked us to list him on our site in the hopes that someone would come along, someone sympathetic to his plight that would make him into a world class food truck.

Are you that person? If so, contact us today. Quincy is waiting.


  • Mileage: 19,000

Features & Highlights

  • A Scientific Mind
  • Good Nature

FOR MORE INFORMATION 1-844-on-wheels (844-669-4335)

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