Truckformation Episode 2 – Generators

Truckformation Chris Ep 2

Episode 2 – Generators

Why flush mount generators?

This weeks episode of Truckformation is all about generators. They power your equipment so they’re super important, but how do you deal with the noise they create? One answer is flush mounting in a sound proofed steel box, like we do for all of our food trucks.

Flush mounting has other benefits as well!

Not only does it dampen the sound, but it also creates a much nicer aesthetic appearance for your truck, with no big, bulky generator mounted on the back bumper. It extends the life of your generator because it’s not exposed to the elements. It also removes the possibility of it being damaged in a rear collision, making your truck safer over-all.

Don’t forget branding space!

That’s right – you can continue your graphic wrap over the mount door for a smooth, continuous look.

Check out our video below for all the info!