Truckformation Episode 1 – Custom Build-Outs

Chris welcomes you to Truckformation

Episode 1 – Customization

Tune in every week to learn something new about food trucks and the food truck industry!

We’re starting our new podcast, Truckformation, this month with our super knowledgeable sales guy, Chris.  He’s going to take a few minutes each week to go over some neat new features our trucks offer, or to answer some questions & concerns he addresses frequently over the phone and via e-mail.

When you buy a pre-built food truck you have to step into the mindset and behavior of the previous chef.

Every chef is different and that means your equipment requirements and location preferences are going to be unique.    When you build from the ground up you have the chance to configure your truck to how you envision it, to make it comfortable and convenient for you.

Not only that, but you’re saving money, too.

Why pay for a deep fryer that’s already installed in the truck if you never intend to use it? It’s just wasting space that could be used for a larger range, for example.

Check out the video, and let us know what you’d like Chris to go over in one of our upcoming episodes in the comments below!