The Wok Of Life Is Born

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Wok Of Life Rolls On To The Streets Of Pittsburgh

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of the Wok Of Life food truck. Jack Jew is sure to make a big impact on the Pittsburgh food truck scene with his fresh and tasty asian fare.

A Long Time ComingJack Jew & His Wife

Jack had been interested in getting a food truck for along time – over two years in fact! After parting ways with the corporate world Jack thought about what he wanted to do with the next chapter in his life for a long time. During that time he cooked at his local church and realized he had a passion for food and for people. What better way to combine the two than with a food truck? After doing his research he found out about Vending Trucks and contacted us to learn more about building a custom food truck. He came by our facility to check out our demonstration truck and loved it!

Overcoming Adversity

As someone with no professional cooking experience, the deck was stacked against Jack. Luckily, his cousin, who is a chef, wanted to help Jack succeed. The pair worked for a long time to develop a delicious menu and to refine Jack’s cooking skills while he saved up to buy the truck. I’d say it was a success!

The Truck

Wok of Life Front Passenger Side Angle Shot
Wok of Life’s wrap is colorful and gorgeous. It’s equipped with a 6 burner range, a 24″ flat grill, a 36″ sandwich prep table, rice cooker, a two pan steam table, and a giant refrigerator. Jack’s truck also comes with plenty of cabinetry space and some quality of life upgrades like an Air Conditioner and a Back-Up Camera, as well as a fire suppression system.

Where Can I Find Wok Of Life?

Jack is going to be taking his food truck to the North Shore portion of Pittsburgh, the Farmers Market, his Church, and parties of all kinds. You can contact Wok of Life via their website, Facebook, Twitter, or by phone at 412-977-9238.

Jack couldn’t be happier to take his food and his story on the road and to share it with all his patrons. Come be a part of Pittsburgh food truck family with Wok Of Life and all the other amazing food trucks that reside there.

Check out the video interview below for his story.