The Street Food Business – On The Rise

Street Food Is Huge These Days

Why Should I Purchase A Food Truck For My Restaurant?

The street-food business — namely mobile food trucks — is a $1 billion industry that has seen an 8.4 percent growth rate from 2007 to 2012. That’s an astounding rise, and it only seems to keep getting bigger.

Customers are really diggin’ the street food craze because they allow them to squeeze more time out of their lunch breaks – no more having to wait at a busy restaurant, just walk outside your office and see what kind of exciting foods have lined up today to tempt you. They’re quick and that’s what people want. Time is the most valuable thing around, after all.

Not only is the time savings there, but so is the cost factor – without having to pay such high overhead you can charge lower prices, further sweetening the deal for potential customers.

With a bevy of flavors and styles available in many major cities, consumers are able to enjoy great food (and great tasting!) at much more reasonable prices than a sit-down eatery.

A street food truck specializing in falafel.

The Falafull NYC Truck, made by Vending Trucks.


If you’re a restaurant that’s struggling to get people into the door perhaps you should consider investing into a food truck and joining in the street food revolution.

Food trucks would allow you to focus test new recipes before debuting them at your brick n’ mortar location. It would give you the flexibility of a second location that can change daily, depending on where you think the lunch rush might hit with the added benefit of being substantially cheaper than a traditional expansion.

Don’t think that any type of food is too weird to sell out of a truck, as many cities have had food trucks selling things like pasta, seafood, pies, mac & cheese, and even cookies. No food is too outrageous and specializing in one item often gives you an advantage, as people will always think of you first when they have a craving for your delicious cuisine.

Interested? Give Vending Trucks Inc. a call or send us an e-mail and find out how you can start a completely customized food truck that’s suited to your specialty for way less than the price of expanding into a new physical location.