The Empanada Guy Is On Fire

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The Empanada Guy Is Up To Five Trucks!

Carlos Serrano came by our facility last week to pick up his 5th truck, which he named ‘Fuego’.

This was the second time that he’s built a cut-away truck instead of going for a trailer, which meant that he had to work with our designer to fit everything he needed inside of it. We were able to install all of the equipment the Empanada Guy needed to keep making his tasty empanadas.

To quote Carlos, “Everything Got Bigger!”Truck 5 Equip

It’s got a panini press, two 80-lb deep fryers, the 4 burner range, and his freezer and fridges. There were alot of first times for Carlos here, and this truck is his ship o’ the line model.

Empanada Guy’s goal is to hit 50 food trucks, and with five so far he’s certainly on his way. Coupled with a few restaurants he’ll be set to expand as long as there’s demand for his empanadas!

His restaurant serves a bigger purpose than just feeding people who stop by.

It also functions as his commissary and factory, allowing him to prep his food in a large industrial kitchen and to pump out those addictive empanadas to fill his trucks so that they can fill your bellies.

Carlos debuted this truck at the Monmouth Food Truck Festival over Memorial Day weekend and it was swamped. I stopped by to try out some food but I couldn’t – the lines for every food truck were over an hour long! It looks like the food truck scene is going to be very popular this summer.

Not Just A Restauranteur.Carlos Serrano Posing

The Empanada Guy has produced a YouTube series called Food Truck Heroes. If you’ve been following it you’ll be excited to hear he’s going to be starting season 2 very soon. The show is unscripted and it’s all about the hectic life of a food trucker and restauranteur. Since the first season he’s built a restaurant and added four trucks! Season 2 is going to be very exciting and I know I’m going to be watching it.

You can learn where the Empanada Guy trucks will be every day on their website or by following them on Facebook & Twitter.

Check out the video below for the full interview and a little sneak peak inside the truck!