The Teri-Yummy Food Truck Is Terrifically Tasty!

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Teri-Yummy Food Truck

Boston Teriyaki Truck Expands To Second Truck!

Teri-Yummy Is Terrific!

We had the pleasure of speaking with the owners of Teri-Yummy Food Trucks, Fen & Jay, when they came to pick up their food truck. This is the second truck in their fleet, and we’re proud to say we built both of them.

Teri-Yummy started when Fen and his friends attended a food truck festival up near Boston and noticed teriyaki wasn’t represented amongst the myriad food trucks at the festival. Having worked in a teriyaki restaurant for years, Fen immediately made the connection that he could fill that niche with his own food truck.

He got together with his friends and together they raised the money required to get their first truck. When we asked him about how he came up with the name for his truck, he laughed and told us his older sister came up with the idea. They were all gathered together, brainstorming, when she said “Hey guys, we are making teriyaki and it’s going to be yummy, so let’s call it Teri-Yummy!” The rest is history.

Drivers Side Teri-Yummy Food Truck

The Food.

If you haven’t tried them yet, Fen recommends you check out the chicken teriyaki bowl. It comes with hand marinated chicken that’s cooked to perfection, steamed mixed vegetables, on top of fried rice, white rice, or noodles. They also offer a beef, shrimp, tofu, or vegetable bowl if chicken isn’t what you’re craving.

They are also happy to work with any customer, you have the power to customize your bowl any way you want it. They know everyone has their preferences and they want you to be super satisfied with your lunch. And you’ll be happy to hear they make their food fresh every day.

Where can I find Teri-Yummy?

They’re found all over Boston, Mass. You can try the financial district, the downtown seaport, china town, Douglass Square, or Cleveland Circle during lunchtime and you have a good chance of running into one of their trucks. They’ve also recently started serving Burlington and the greater Boston area.

If you’d like updates on where you can find them daily you can check out their website, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s Teri-Yummy’s goal to open a brick & mortar restaurant in Boston, and expand to even more trucks. They hope to spread their delicious food nationwide, so even folks in California can try their teriyaki.

Fen had great things to say about us, too. He gave us a very tight time constraint, as he wanted his second truck operational for the beginning of spring and we made it happen. He was very satisfied with the quality of work we provided, saying that his second truck is even better than the first. We’re glad Vending Trucks could meet the high quality demands of Teri-Yummy and we’re looking forward to working with them again in the future.

So, if you find yourself in Boston we highly recommend you check out Teri-Yummy for lunch – you won’t be disappointed.