Poseidon’s Kitchen Hits the Road

Poseidon’s Kitchen is Bringing Fresh Seafood To Barrier Brewing Company!

Barrier Brewing Company has brought new meaning to their ‘Tasting Room’ with the help of Poseidon’s Kitchen Food Truck. As of July 5th, the newly resident food truck is located in the parking lot of the craft brewery, located on 3001 New Street in Oceanside, New York. It has definitely caused quite a stir in the community amongst residents and newcomers who find it a relief that the brewery now has dining options. Prior to the partnership, the brewery did not offer any food options to patrons, making the grand opening for Poseidon’s Kitchen anxiously awaited.

Poseidon's Kitchen Food Truck

Poseidon’s Kitchen Food Truck

Poseidon’s Kitchen Food Truck offers surf and turf options ranging from lobster rolls to a pineapple chicken skewers.  “The most popular food item on the menu has to be the fish taco, beer battered cod (with beer from the brewery) with a special sauce, cilantro and red cabbage,” owner of Poseidon’s Kitchen Food Truck, Alan Artieda, said. Another popular item on the menu is the bacon cheeseburger with fried egg topping.

Interior of Poseidon's Kitchen

Interior of Poseidon’s Kitchen

According to Alan, the response in the community has been full of positive feedback to the food and support from locals. “Along with the food people love the look of the truck itself, the wrap really catches everyone’s eye,” he confessed in a recent interview. The graphic exterior wrap is hard to miss with its brightly colored fun under-the-sea theme.

Vending Trucks, Inc. built and outfitted the Poseidon’s Kitchen Food Truck exactly to Alan’s specifications. In just a month’s time, Vending Trucks’ food truck specialists converted, what was once, a step van into a one-of-a-kind mobile surf and turf dining option. All equipment fabricated into the food truck is brand new and state-of-the-line commercial grade.

Poseidon’s Kitchen Food Truck will also be attending upcoming local events. On September 20th the truck will be in East Rockaway for the Stars and Stripes Festival. Then it will be in attendance on October 4th for the Hard Apple Cider Festival at the Peconic Bay Winery!

Check out Poseidon’s Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter for more information on events the food truck will be attending or new weekly menu additions on ‘Experimental Thursdays’!

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