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Hobbies Rolling Cafe To Offer Rotating Daily Specials To Hungry Workers

Kentucky’s Newest Food Truck – Hobbies Rolling Cafe

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John Habenstein’s been a restaurateur for over 35 years, and for 20 of those he operated out of a food truck, serving lunch to hungry workers all over Louisville. He later set up shop in a bar & grill, and has been there ever since. Lately, he’s been missing his food truck and realized it was the perfect way to help grow his restaurant and business.

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“There’s been lots of change in food truck industry – big growth.”

John remembers a time when he was the only food truck in Louisville, and now he’s seeing they’re poppin’ up all over the place. It’s part of the reason he decided to get back in the saddle, as it were. Food trucks aren’t just ‘roach coaches’ anymore, they’re respectable lunch attractions and people can’t get enough of the ease and convenience a gourmet food truck rolling up to their job site provides.

Local manufacturers and warehouse operators like Amazon only give their workers 30 minutes for lunch, and John recognized that his restaurant wasn’t able to service all those people because they couldn’t make it over during their lunch break. John wants to offer a better selection than what they have available – by offering a rotating daily menu he’s able to give folks something fresh and tasty every day. It doesn’t hurt that he comes directly to them, either!

The Food Truck Is A Billboard For Your Restaurant.

Hobbies Rolling Cafe Rear

He was pretty excited about the fact that his restaurant can promote the food truck, by letting regulars know where they can find it, or to hire it for catering opportunities; as well as having the truck promote his restaurant, by introducing folks to his brand and letting them try out his delicious recipes.

Where Is Hobbies Rolling Cafe Located?

You can find the latest information about his truck or restaurant at the Hobbies Cafe Website, Facebook, Google+, or Yelp.

If you’d like to contact them for catering opportunities you can try their e-mail: hobbiescafebargrill@gmail.com, or phone: 502-543-8777. They’re located in Sheperdsville, Kentucky, which is a suburb south of Louisville.

His Experience With Vending Trucks.

Hobbies Rolling Cafe Drivers Side

John worked with us from start to finish with his truck. He visited a few other food truck manufacturers and checked out their portfolios before deciding to go with us.

We’re proud to say he was very pleased with his new food truck and our team here at Vending Trucks.

Our design process was “painless”, John appreciated Jamie’s knowledge of the industry. He was able to help steer John in the right direction for equipment to put inside – food trucks have changed a lot in the 9 years since John last had a food truck and Jamie was able to answer all the questions he had.

John’s very excited to get back on the street with his Hobbies Rolling Cafe food truck and serve all those hungry folks in his area.  Be sure to stop by his restaurant, Hobbies Bar & Grill if you ever find yourself in his area and try his daily special!

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