Franktuary Expands To Second Truck!

Franktuary co-owner Tim

Pittsburgh food truck scene mainstay Franktuary has expanded to a second truck.

Co-owner Tim Tobitsch came down to our facility in East Brunswick with his family last week to pick up the new Franktuary food truck. It’s gotten a big aesthetic upgrade over the first Franktuary truck, featuring neon purple undercarriage lighting to really make it stand out at night, and a stylish and classy purple vinyl wrap. The truck’s alot larger, too, providing more space for the culinary wizards at Franktuary to cook up their delicious fare.

While he was here we were able to catch him for an interview to see what his plans are for the new addition to the Franktuary brand.

Tim and his partner Megan got their first truck in 2010 on a hunch it would be a big hit in Pittsburgh. The food truck scene there was still small at the time and they quickly became popular due to their gourmet hot dogs. With the success of their first truck they were able to expand to a larger restaurant from their former lunch counter in 2013. This is a big year for Franktuary because they’re opening up a second restaurant location this summer in addition to the second food truck.

The food at Franktuary is outstanding, and they’re committed to using fresh and organic ingredients.

Franktuary smokes their own bacon in house, they make their own sausages in house, and they have many tasty vegetarian dishes as well. They’re going to be offering poutine on their truck, and if you’re not familiar with that dish, it’s french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. Absolutely delicious. You can check out their restaurant menu and truck menu to see what seasonal hot dogs they’re offering. Two of the dogs I’ve tried were the The Brasil (mashed potatoes, tomato corn relish, bacon, and potato sticks) and the Oahu (pineapple, teriyaki sauce, bacon, and green onions). With toppings like that it’s not hard to see why they’ve become so popular!

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You can always visit their website for updates, as well as their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. If you want to book them for an event send an e-mail to to see when they’re available.

Check out the video below!