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Vending Trucks, Inc. Are Premiere Custom Food Truck Fabricators

While it seems like purchasing, custom designing, and fabricating a vending truck may be an overwhelming task to undertake, Vending Trucks, Inc. can assure you it is easier than most think. With more than 20 years hand on experience, our food truck fabricators are specialists in custom outfitting and fabricating food trucks, concession trailers, mobile kitchens, and ice cream trucks. Let us help you make your mark on the food truck industry and create the food truck of your dreams.

As stated in a recent article on, “If you want to have a food truck that people will follow anywhere, you need to determine the qualities that make your food and the experience of visiting your truck stand out”. In this competitive and ever-growing industry to be successful you need to ensure your customers will remember and value their experience at your food truck.

Graphic vinyl wraps attract the crowds

Graphic vinyl wraps attract the crowds

It is vital that your food truck is appealing and draws attention. It is lucrative in the food truck industry to stand out from the competition.

At Vending Trucks, we pride ourselves on building and fabricating one-of-a-kind custom food trucks. All of our food trucks for sale are built and outfitted specific to the needs of the client. We always encourage and welcome new food truck designs and ideas. Any piece of equipment or cabinetry that is necessary to prep, store, and serve your desired products can be custom fabricated into your food truck. Don’t want to sell food? No problem! Our team of food truck fabricators have built out and converted food trucks to mobile boutiques, song booths, and even prize trucks.

A report for the Institute for Justice’s National Street Vending Initiative stated, “Gourmet trucks across the country are at the forefront of modern dining, serving affordable and delicious fare that rarely can be found at the neighborhood sandwich shop”.

Despicable Me Prize Truck

Despicable Me Prize Truck

In the beginning design stages, our designer will work closely with you to create a custom food truck floor plan. This will give you the advantage of seeing specifically where each piece of equipment will best fit in your food truck, optimizing maximum work space and storage. Once the floor plan sample is approved for meeting the client’s exact specifications and needs, our food truck fabricators begin the constructing, building, and fabricating process.

Have a budget requirement? Don’t worry, we are experienced in meeting budget requirements and ensuring you get the best ‘bang for your buck’. Having a variety of new and used food trucks for sale at our facility, it enables us to meet a wide range of budgets.

Throughout the entire food truck fabrication process, from design to delivery, our sales team will stand by and be ready to assist. Reliable, positive feedback continuously rolls in from our clients regarding our food truck fabricators’ custom work.

At Vending Trucks, our mission is to create custom food trucks with unmatchable durability and style.