Easy Financing

Why Finance?


In the past we’ve had lots of small business owners tell us they’d love to get a food truck for their restaurant or SMB but they just don’t have the funds for it right now. We’ve explored partnerships with other financing companies before, but never really found one that treated our clients like real people.

That is, until we talked to Credibly. Their dedication to customer service, as well as their easy application process, really blew us away. We think they’ll impress you too.

Our Financing Partner

Credibly specializes in ‘working capital’, providing small businesses with the ability to make big, important purchases that will help increase their long term earning power.

They have a quick and easy application process that you can complete in minutes. As they like to say, “You can pre-qualify for a business loan through Credibly faster than you can make a cup of coffee.”

Why Do I Need A Food Truck For My Restaurant?

I’m glad you asked, because we put together this white paper with Credibly that talks about the benefits of owning a food truck when you already have a brick & mortar location.

Be sure to check it out!