Food Truck Marketing Infographic

Creative Advertising For Food Trucks

We get it. Small business marketing can definitely be overwhelming. Now, when you work in the food service industry, take that stress, and multiply it by ten. Your days fly by. Before you know it, it’s two in the morning, your employees have all clocked out for the night, and you’re knee deep in business owner responsibilities. Paperwork, time clocks, inventory: the last thing you have time for is marketing.

The Creators

The team over at recently put together this infographic: Forks Up for Food Trucks! 11 Creative Marketing Campaigns for New Truckers. Get your creative juices flowing with these easy to execute ideas.

Remember, you shouldn’t have to invest thousands of dollars in your marketing methods to succeed. Instead, look for a few affordable tactics that yield results. We suggest taking a stab at text message, social media, and email marketing.

The Infographic

Food Truck Marketing Infographic

Food Truck Social Media Guide

Howdy Food Truckers,

We have a guest post today from Megan Marrs of Boston Food Truck Blog that’s all about using your social media accounts for your food truck business.  Check it out below and let us know what you think!

Social Media For Food Trucks: What You Need to Know

Food trucks rely heavily on social media to engage with customers and spread news about their truck. It’s difficult to overstate just how huge a role social media plays in food truck success.

In fact, in many ways social media engagement can make or break a food truck.

While it’s difficult to correlate exactly what factors cause a food truck to thrive or dive, it’s fair to say that the best and most successful food trucks are the ones who spend a ton of energy and time on social media.

While social media isn’t the only indicator of success, it’s definitely a big one. Continue reading →

6 Tips For Food Truck Winter Survival

Our friends at Webstaurant put together this great article for Food Truckers to survive the winter season.

Here in the Northeast, the cold is beginning to set in as the seasons shift from fall to winter. While most customers are willing to stand in line for your food truck’s tasty creations during the mild autumn weather, you may begin to notice a decline in business as temperatures drop. Follow some of the tips below to reap some extra profit from these colder, slower months.

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Winterize Your Food Truck!

We’ve had lots of folks contacting us on how to properly winterize their food truck, so we got together with out graphic designer and made this beautiful and informative infographic for you to follow.

It’s got all the best winterization practices you need to follow to keep your food truck in tip top shape over the brutally cold winter. Continue reading →

Hobbies Rolling Cafe Gets Rollin’

Hobbies Rolling Cafe + John

Hobbies Rolling Cafe To Offer Rotating Daily Specials To Hungry Workers

Kentucky’s Newest Food Truck – Hobbies Rolling Cafe

Hobbies Rolling Cafe Serving Window Open

John Habenstein’s been a restaurateur for over 35 years, and for 20 of those he operated out of a food truck, serving lunch to hungry workers all over Louisville. He later set up shop in a bar & grill, and has been there ever since. Lately, he’s been missing his food truck and realized it was the perfect way to help grow his restaurant and business. Continue reading →

How Does My Food Truck Have Running Water?

Local Wizards Investigated After Food Trucks Discovered To Have Running Water!


That’s how we get running water in your food truck’s sink.

Magic as in, advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic to the uninitiated. Continue reading →

Nashville’s Got A New Pet Clinic



side profile of the mobile pet clinic

Nashville Pet Community Center Grows With Pet Clinic On Wheels

Back of the Mobile Pet Clinic

Natalie Corwin, the President and CEO of the Nashville Pet Community Center, came by to pick up her renovated and custom fabricated mobile pet clinic from our manufacturing facility. While here she sat down for an interview with Chris, our sales manager, and she told us all about the Pet Community Center’s mission.

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Wandering Dave’s Rustic Spoon Heads Out

david humphreys + Wandering Daves truck

Keep Yours Eyes Open For Wandering Dave!

Native New Yorker Brings His Culinary Talents To The Road

Dave’s excited to become an entrepreneur and take his destiny into his own hands. He’s leaving behind the restaurant world for his world on his terms.
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Five Steps To Consider Before You Buy A Food Truck

old timey truck5 Steps To Buying A Food Truck

So, you wanna break into the food truck business.

Well, hold onto your seat and grab a towel because you’re about to get drenched in some knowledge.

We have a 5 step checklist that every potential food truck owner should go through before they make that important call to a food truck manufacturer and finally buy a food truck.
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The Empanada Guy Is On Fire

empanada guy banner

The Empanada Guy Is Up To Five Trucks!

Carlos Serrano came by our facility last week to pick up his 5th truck, which he named ‘Fuego’.

This was the second time that he’s built a cut-away truck instead of going for a trailer, which meant that he had to work with our designer to fit everything he needed inside of it. We were able to install all of the equipment the Empanada Guy needed to keep making his tasty empanadas.

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Truckformation Episode 3 – Graphic Vinyl Wraps

truckformation-3 banner

Episode 3 – Vinyl Wraps

Why Vinyl Wraps?

Howdy folks!

We’re back with episode 3 of Truckformation, our podcast about everything food truck.  In today’s episode Chris talks about the importance of graphic vinyl wraps and how they can supercharge your truck with style.
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The Wok Of Life Is Born

Wok Of Life Banner

Wok Of Life Rolls On To The Streets Of Pittsburgh

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of the Wok Of Life food truck. Jack Jew is sure to make a big impact on the Pittsburgh food truck scene with his fresh and tasty asian fare. Continue reading →

Walter’s Takes Their Hot Dogs On The Road

Walter's Hot Dogs Wrap

Walter’s Hot Dogs Expands To A Food Truck

Last month Vending Trucks, Inc. delivered a brand new food truck to Walter’s Hot Dogs in Mamaroneck, New York. I was able to arrange a phone interview with their director of business development, Gene, to learn all about Walter’s storied history last week, and now I have the opportunity to share their story with you!

Walter’s has been serving hot dogs for a long time. Like, a really long time – we’re looking at almost 100 years here. How many businesses can say they’ve been around for a century? They’re a 4th generation family business today, and with their positive attitude and dedication to quality they’ll be around for many more! Continue reading →

Franktuary Expands To Second Truck!

Franktuary co-owner Tim

Pittsburgh food truck scene mainstay Franktuary has expanded to a second truck.

Co-owner Tim Tobitsch came down to our facility in East Brunswick with his family last week to pick up the new Franktuary food truck. It’s gotten a big aesthetic upgrade over the first Franktuary truck, featuring neon purple undercarriage lighting to really make it stand out at night, and a stylish and classy purple vinyl wrap. The truck’s alot larger, too, providing more space for the culinary wizards at Franktuary to cook up their delicious fare. Continue reading →

Truckformation Episode 2 – Generators

Truckformation Chris Ep 2

Episode 2 – Generators

Why flush mount generators?

This weeks episode of Truckformation is all about generators. They power your equipment so they’re super important, but how do you deal with the noise they create? One answer is flush mounting in a sound proofed steel box, like we do for all of our food trucks.

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The Top Seven Food Truck Locations To Park At

Seven Best Food Truck Locations

Here at Vending Trucks Inc. we’re committed to helping you succeed in the fast paced and exciting business of food trucking. Today we’re going to go over the top seven food truck locations to try selling your food at that could be a big hit for you and your business!

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Truckformation Episode 1 – Custom Build-Outs

Chris welcomes you to Truckformation

Episode 1 – Customization

Tune in every week to learn something new about food trucks and the food truck industry!

We’re starting our new podcast, Truckformation, this month with our super knowledgeable sales guy, Chris.  He’s going to take a few minutes each week to go over some neat new features our trucks offer, or to answer some questions & concerns he addresses frequently over the phone and via e-mail.
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Uprooted Flower Truck Is Spreading Its Seeds

Uprooted Flower Truck Serving Side

The Bold & Beautiful Uprooted Flower Truck

A Flower Truck?

Uprooted Flower Truck – Convenience, Quality, & Affordability.

Have you ever needed flowers for your special lady but had no idea what kind to get for her? Uprooted Flower Truck hopes to solve that dilemma by showing up where you need them most – transit hubs, flea markets, private events – you name it.

Owners of Uprooted, Kristen and Ashley, have made it their mission to provide beautiful bouquets to New Yorkers for affordable prices. Their system is simple – you choose from one of the three sizes; The Studio, The Loft, & The Penthouse, and they make it for you right there. Each is made with their seasonal flower selection, scaled to the size you need. By making flowers so simple they’re able to have fresh floral designs every day.

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Just Jerks Is Caribbean Food With Attitude!

Just Jerks Food Truck Owners

The proud owners of Just Jerks Food Truck, Ashford & Alicia.

Ohio’s Got A New Food Truck!

This Just In, Ena’s Jerkmania Is Now On Wheels!

The proud new owners of this vibrant green truck, Alica & Ashford Hayles, came by to pick it up last week. While we were giving it one last car wash they sat down for a little chat where they talked about their big dreams for Just Jerks Food Truck.

Having been a part of Ena’s Caribbean Kitchen for over 20 years, they launched Ena’s Jerkmania 4 years ago, and think this food truck is just what their growing business needs next.

They originally sat down and thought about getting a food truck because their customers were asking them to be everywhere. Their catering business overworked, they came to the conclusion that with a mobile kitchen they would be able to serve all those hungry customers much more easily.
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The Teri-Yummy Food Truck Is Terrifically Tasty!

General Comments Off on The Teri-Yummy Food Truck Is Terrifically Tasty!

Teri-Yummy Food Truck

Boston Teriyaki Truck Expands To Second Truck!

Teri-Yummy Is Terrific!

We had the pleasure of speaking with the owners of Teri-Yummy Food Trucks, Fen & Jay, when they came to pick up their food truck. This is the second truck in their fleet, and we’re proud to say we built both of them.

Teri-Yummy started when Fen and his friends attended a food truck festival up near Boston and noticed teriyaki wasn’t represented amongst the myriad food trucks at the festival. Having worked in a teriyaki restaurant for years, Fen immediately made the connection that he could fill that niche with his own food truck.

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E’s BBQ Explosion Is Bursting With Flavor

Big E's BBQ Explosion Picstitch

Some of the delicious food Big E can make!

A BBQ Explosion Is The Best Kind Of Explosion

Do you love brisket?

You’re going to need to check out Big E’s BBQ Explosion. He picked up his brand new BBQ truck from us a few weeks ago, so you may have spotted it cruisin’ around Baltimore. Let me tell you right now, it’s worth seeking out. They’re the self-proclaimed brisket masters, and their ribs are out of control good as well.

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The FarmStand Food Truck Keeps It Fresh

Scott Granwehr picking up his truck, The FarmStand Food Truck

Scott Granwehr posing on pick-up day!

The FarmStand Food Truck Is Heading To Massachusetts

Scott Granwehr of The Farm Stand picked up his truck last week and he was generous enough with his time to sit down for an interview with me where he talked about what kind of food he wants to serve, where you’ll be able to find his truck, and about his experience with Vending Trucks, Inc.

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The Street Food Business – On The Rise

Street Food Is Huge These Days

Why Should I Purchase A Food Truck For My Restaurant?

The street-food business — namely mobile food trucks — is a $1 billion industry that has seen an 8.4 percent growth rate from 2007 to 2012. That’s an astounding rise, and it only seems to keep getting bigger.

Customers are really diggin’ the street food craze because they allow them to squeeze more time out of their lunch breaks – no more having to wait at a busy restaurant, just walk outside your office and see what kind of exciting foods have lined up today to tempt you. They’re quick and that’s what people want. Time is the most valuable thing around, after all.

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Vending Trucks FAQ

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with our sales manager, Chris, to discuss some of the questions that come up when someone is considering a food truck.

Here at Vending Trucks Inc. our goal is to make the process simple and friendly for everyone, so that your truck comes out exactly as you envisioned it. We want you to be happy with your truck so you can focus on what’s really important – your food. Continue reading →

Stop The Food Truck, I Wanna Get Snacks From You!

Or, How The Arctic Monkeys Taught Me About Connecting With Customers

People resonate with music.

There’s something that can be learned from every song if you can find the connections to your current situation. That’s the point of music, though, isn’t it? To let you make sense of that wild and crazy thing we call life?

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Get the Real Bang for Your Buck – Invest in a Food Truck!

So You Wanna Sell Food?

Half a million dollars. That’s what you’re looking at if you want to start a restaurant.  That’s not even mentioning all the time you’re going to be spending getting all your resources together, all the permits you’re going to need, or even scouting out a location. Who knew selling food could be so difficult?

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Poseidon’s Kitchen Hits the Road

Poseidon’s Kitchen is Bringing Fresh Seafood To Barrier Brewing Company!

Barrier Brewing Company has brought new meaning to their ‘Tasting Room’ with the help of Poseidon’s Kitchen Food Truck. As of July 5th, the newly resident food truck is located in the parking lot of the craft brewery, located on 3001 New Street in Oceanside, New York. It has definitely caused quite a stir in the community amongst residents and newcomers who find it a relief that the brewery now has dining options. Prior to the partnership, the brewery did not offer any food options to patrons, making the grand opening for Poseidon’s Kitchen anxiously awaited. Continue reading →

Build A Custom Food Truck

Why Customize a Food Truck?

Already Outfitted or Custom Build?

One of the first preliminary decisions you are going to need to make regarding entering the food truck business is: do you want an already built-out food truck or do you want to custom build your food truck? Buying a pre built-out food truck means there already is a completed mobile kitchen built inside. The other option you have is to buy an empty food truck and completely build it out to your exact needs and specifications. While the initial price tag on one of these already built-out food trucks may seem convincing over fully customizing one to your specific needs, there are additional considerations to factor in. The definite benefits and risks associated with each option can greatly alter the direction you choose to go.

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Food Truck Fabricators

Vending Trucks, Inc. Are Premiere Custom Food Truck Fabricators

While it seems like purchasing, custom designing, and fabricating a vending truck may be an overwhelming task to undertake, Vending Trucks, Inc. can assure you it is easier than most think. With more than 20 years hand on experience, our food truck fabricators are specialists in custom outfitting and fabricating food trucks, concession trailers, mobile kitchens, and ice cream trucks. Let us help you make your mark on the food truck industry and create the food truck of your dreams. Continue reading →

The Food Truck Manufacturer For You

Vending Trucks Has Been Manufacturing Food Trucks Since 2004

At Vending Trucks, we have a team of trained and experienced fabricators specializing in the design and fabrication of mobile kitchens, food trucks, and concession trailers. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, our employees have over 20 years’ hands on experience. As the leading food truck manufacturer in the industry, let us show you how our custom fabricating, detailing, and vinyl wrapping can make your food truck stand out from all the others!
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From Food Cart to Food Truck

I Don’t Give a Fork Debuts New Food Truck

Just about one month ago the owner of I Don’t Give A Fork, Leigh Ann Tona, turned to Vending Trucks for help to expand her existing food cart business and upgrade its equipment. Having heard about our quick project completion time owner, Leigh Ann Tona, knew that coming to Vending Trucks for her desired upgrades wouldn’t mean closing her business for long.

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