The Top Seven Food Truck Locations To Park At

Seven Best Food Truck Locations

Here at Vending Trucks Inc. we’re committed to helping you succeed in the fast paced and exciting business of food trucking. Today we’re going to go over the top seven food truck locations to try selling your food at that could be a big hit for you and your business!

The first place we recommend you scope out is an office park.

Check with the owners of large office complexes to see if you can park during breakfast or lunch hours. If you can sell breakfast to the office crowd while they’re on their way into work you could be a big hit, especially if you sell coffee and healthy breakfast fare! Or if you are more of a lunch truck you can see if you can work out a catering special with one of the businesses in the park, thereby guaranteeing a bunch of happy patrons!

You started your food truck because you’re tired of the same chain restaurants everywhere you go, right?

So why not give shopping malls a try. They have enormous parking lots and regular patrons will appreciate the new flavors your food truck brings, especially if it’s something they can’t find at the local food court!

Overpriced hot dogs and poor excuses for ‘nachos’ at the ball park? No thanks!

Try parking at sports venues and give the people what they want – real, delicious, healthy food. Don’t forget about schools, either. Parents will come to watch their kids play soccer all afternoon, so why not provide a tasty snack for everyone there.

Festivals - Great Food Truck Locations

A ring of food trucks at a food festival.

If you’ve been to a festival or carnival before you must’ve seen a bevy of food trucks there, so why not set up yours at such an awesome event?

You’ll need to negotiate a spot with the festival operators first, but it can be a lucrative experience as you have a captive audience and they’re only going to get hungrier if they’re camping there. Expect to pay a premium for the spot, though.

Public transit can be exhausting, so why not comfort people coming and going at the train & bus stations.

Try catching people getting off public transit with a hot meal or beverage and they’ll remember you forever. The same goes for people stuck in the cold waiting for the bus to arrive – they’ll certainly appreciate something warm in their bellies.

If you’re a New Jersey native then you’ve certainly heard of the grease trucks at Rutgers’ campus.

Rutgers Grease Trucks - One Of The Top Food Truck Locations

Hungry patrons gather around a grease truck for a late night snack.

For those uninitiated in fat sandwiches, let me enlighten you. Imagine everything fried tossed into a sub roll – mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, fries, burgers. You name it, they’ll stuff it in there. Not only that, but they’re parked right in front of the main campus’s class buildings allowing them to serve hungry students between classes. They’re also a block away from most of the bars those same students frequent, giving them a one-two punch against hunger. Replicate their success at your nearby college!

If the weather’s been favorable try checking out your local parks or beaches.

You can be there to provide a quick and tasty meal for families spending a lazy Sunday out together. Just remember to bring ice cream for the kids!

There are many more places you could set up shop for the day, so always keep an eye out on potential great locations for your food truck! For best effect we recommend you try out a new place every week so that you can compare your performance at each location. This way you can find what locations work best for you and your food truck.


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